Qualtik Website

Qualtik makes software for community banks. We needed to look cutting edge and forward thinking, but also reliable and trustworthy to reassure a somewhat risk-averse audience.

overall strategy. design. writing. partnered with Shilo Rune for initial build. site management over time: updated messaging and built landing pages as needed.

Rinsler brand identity

Rinsler Consulting Brand Identity

We needed a mark that would evoke the world of airports, airplanes, and air travel, but that would also speak to transport by train. Additionally, we wanted to portray an image of calm confidence.

brand discovery. overall concept. design. print management.

Independence Gardens logo

Independence Gardens Brand Identity

Independence Gardens helped people create better relationships with their natural and built environments. We needed a logo that would speak to their ability to help people with garden and landscape projects as well as home construction and renovation projects.

We were also transitioning from an existing brand, so we wanted to preserve some features for continuity. We kept the green and brown color scheme, and in collateral, a brown fingerprint that hints at the hands-on nature of their work. The previous brand featured a tomato plant, so we kept that aspect as well, simplifying it into the single tomato at the center of their logo.

brand discovery. overall concept. design. print management.

Independence Gardens Website

We built the site to feel very open and welcoming, in order to draw people in who might be hesitant about growing their own food.

overall strategy. design. writing. partnered with Shilo Rune for build.

By Design Legal Collateral

By Design Legal creates graphic for attorneys who need to explain complicated concepts to juries.

For their collateral we used clever, witty concepts and copy to appeal to their target audience. The postcard campaign featured famous hero movie one-liners, and highlighted the role attorneys play as their client’s champion. The company’s tenth anniversary card featured text highlighting the word “ten” ten times. One holiday card was a verbal puzzle, showing mismatched red-green word pairs on the outside, with a properly colored word pair inside.

brand discovery. overall concept. design. writing. print management.

Dress Your Self Brand Identity

Patricia Kerns loved helping people who weren’t all that interested in fashion or clothing to dress in a way that highlighted their personality. We helped her name the company to highlight the aspect of dressing your true self, not just dressing yourself. Then we designed a look and feel based on a high touch, high end experience: pale blue and charcoal grey with a cashmere backdrop.

brand discovery. overall concept. design. print management.

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