All About Janet

For more than 25 years, Janet Clesse Hager has been helping organizations nationwide build successful branding and marketing initiatives. She is curious, collaborative, and multi-talented, seamlessly combining high level strategy and detailed execution. She excels at distilling large amounts of complex data and information into a solid strategy, and then creating on-brand communication and sales tools to carry it out. She has experience concepting and crafting brand identities, websites and landing pages, digital advertising campaigns, presentation decks, and myriad other marketing and sales tools.

Janet is also a dynamic and engaging speaker. She taught marketing at the Art Institute of Portland for several years, and has presented at multiple conferences and workshops about branding and marketing.

Janet Hager of Tinfish

Janet grew up in Buffalo, NY and still appreciates a good snowfall. Her parents tricked her into attending Cornell (thankfully). She was a Boston driver before she moved to Boston, but living there made her a better Boston driver. She is a steadfast supporter of the zipper merge, and believes in the power of creative thinking to set people free.

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