Sounding Board Session

When you need an expert’s advice to make sure what you think you should do is actually a good idea.

You’re pretty sure you know what you should do to market your business, but it would be nice to have an expert’s ideas, too. Book a session to lay out your plan with me. We can brainstorm ideas to make your plan even better, or just validate that your thinking is sound.

60-minute Strategy

New business? This is the quickest way to get your marketing strategy up and running.

In one 60-minute session, we’ll outline your goals and values, business segments and services, target audience demographic and mindset, competitive advantages, and the kind of impression we want to create in the marketplace. Then we’ll brainstorm ideas for marketing activities and tools you can use to get started marketing your new business.

This is designed for brand new businesses that need to get out of the gate with a quick and dirty 6-month marketing plan.

Creative Thinking Card Deck

Improve your creative thinking abilities with fun exercises you can do anywhere.

A card deck designed to help you build your creative thinking abilities. The deck features a variety of exercises: mental and real-world exercises, verbal exercises, pen and paper exercises, and art projects. Choose a quick one you can do in your head while you wait for your rideshare, or settle in with a longer art project. Here are a couple of sample exercises…

TIME: mental exercise
Imagine you can speed up time. Imagine everyone in the grocery checkout line moving at super speed so you can get to the front faster. Now imagine you can slow it down, make special moments last forever. What would it be like if everyone could do it, at any time?

AIRPLANE: an art project
Make a paper airplane. Write an inspiring quote inside it and fly it across a crowded public space.